Information for real estate agents.

Following the opening of our first office on Vashon Island in 2007, we intend to grow both strategically and opportunistically over the next ten years. What do we mean by “strategically” and “opportunistically”?

By “strategically” we mean the following:

  • We plan to be operating five successful residential sales offices by 2018.
  • To create efficiencies of scale and management and also to achieve market concentration; all these offices will be located within the area covered by the Northwest Multiple Listing Service (“NWMLS”).
  • In the absence of accomplishing our growth goals with opportunistically identified offices, we will focus our intent on specific submarkets which are proven to have a high enough transaction volume to support a profitable Winterbrook office by acquiring 5-15% of the local market share.Submarkets which we have identified for offices include:
    • Ruston and West Tacoma. Three sector focuses: Small commercial buildings, homes and condos.
    • Downtown Seattle. Specialized focus on the downtown condo submarket.
    • West Seattle. Three sector focuses: Small commercial buildings, homes and condos.
    • Queen Ann. Three sector focuses: Small commercial buildings, homes and condos.
    • Capitol Hill. Three sector focuses: Small commercial buildings, homes and condos.

By “opportunistically”, we mean responding to an opportunity to open a Winterbrook office from either (1) purchasing an existing office or, more probably; (2) opening an office at the request of a group of local agents. With respect to our potential to respond to opportunistic office openings, we will entertain these openings anywhere within the territory of the NWMLS.

Why should agents consider joining Winterbrook?

  • We won’t over-size any office. Each office will be sized strategically relative to the size of the market served to allow, indeed to expect, each agent to earn a substantial income from 10-15% market participation by the office.
  • We will execute a marketing plan for each agent which programmatically develops business from her 300-500 property “farm” within the office submarket.
  • We will supply state-of-the-art technology to support each office.
  • We offer low fees for buying or selling a property you own. If you’re selling a property you own, we will list your property for a fixed fee of $2,500. If you’re buying, the company fee will also be $2,500.
  • Our commission schedule is one of the most aggressive in the entire industry.
    • We offer a “signing-bonus” first partial-calendar-year schedule which pays the agent 70% and features a very low ($12,000) “cap” or maximum participation by the company.
    • Our normal schedule (calendar year two and beyond) offers the agent three alternatives from which to choose which contain the following key features:
      • Broker MAX: A 95% commission payout with a desk fee and a broker management fee of $225.00 per month. However, our desk fees are priced according to the desk you use and how much you use it. If you work from your home office, there is no desk fee.
      • Broker Low Overhead: A 70% payout of the first $80,000 gross commissions; then a 95% payout thereafter with a small desk fee (see desk fee comment above). The desk fee is paid from closings, not month-to-month.
      • Broker No Overhead: A 65% payout of the first $120,000 gross commissions; then a 90% payout thereafter and no desk fee.

In addition, our agents are charged a $115.00 per month Local Office Advertising and Marketing Fee. However, this fee is also paid from agent closings, not on a month-to-month basis.
And most importantly: We treat each of our agents with the same courtesy and respect that we would hope to receive if our positions were reversed.